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Geologic block-diagram and conceptual model of Mammoth Hot Springs

Detailed Description

Geologic block-diagram and conceptual model of possible flow systems associated with thermal areas at Mammoth Hot Spring (MHS) area from Sorey (1991) (USGS Water-Resources Investigations Report 91-4052).  Also shown are the Bear Creek Hot Springs (BC) and La Duke Hot Spring (LD). Arrows indicate general directions of fluid flow. Faults are shown as heavy solid lines. Simplified stratigraphic units are labeled Ks (Cretaceous sedimentary rocks), pKs (pre-Cretaceous sedimentary rocks), Tvc (Tertiary volcaniclastic rocks), Ti (Tertiary intrusives), and pCg (Precambrian gneiss and schist). Approximate position of the Mississippian Madison Formation, a regionally continuous aquifer, is shown by the blocky white pattern.


Public Domain.