Glen Canyon - Lees Ferry

This is a photo of Lees Ferry.

Detailed Description

Today, Lees Ferry is the starting point for raft trips through the Grand Canyon. This view is looking downstream toward the mouth of Marble Canyon. Rock formations in the Lees Ferry area include the Kaibab Limestone, Moenkopi Formation, Chinle Formation, and Glen Canyon Group. The top of the Kaibab Limestone is visible near water level near the center of the image. The red-brown, shaley slope and cliffs on the left and the low escarpment in the middle-right side of this image are the Chocolate Cliffs of the Moenkopi Formation. The shales of the Chinle Formation are responsible for the broad flats and slopes above the Chocolate Cliffs. The higher, more distant, Vermilion Cliffs are associated with the red sandstones of the Glen Canyon Group. Near the center of this image, terraces of alluvial gravels of Quaternary age are exposed along the canyon below the "Chocolate Cliffs" escarpment of the Moenkopi Formation.


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