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Graph showing component contributions to extreme water levels

Detailed Description

Component contributions to extreme water levels. Panel (a) shows GTSM-ERA5 stations (in black) with highlighted “multi-POT” node locations marked in red and numbered to correspond with panel (c). Panel (b) shows the average contribution to MWLs for the top 38 events (equal to the number of simulated years) at each station. Panel (c) shows the contribution to extreme MWLs for the max event (top bar) and binned events ranging from 5th largest to 60th largest. Binned values are calculated by averaging the 10 events bracketing the event rank of interest (e.g., the plotted bar for rank “15” is the average of all events from rank 10–20). From the study Relative contributions of water-level components to extreme water levels along the US Southeast Atlantic Coast from a regional-scale water-level hindcast.


Public Domain.