Graphs of changes in bumble bee plant food availability

Four graphs showing how plants available to bumble bees in forests, grasslands, and wetlands have changed the last 20 years.

Detailed Description

Visual abstract for the April 2021 paper, "Long-term surveys support declines in early season forest plants used by bumblebees". Three graphs show changes in average percantage plant cover in Illinois from 2001 - 2019. In forests, the cover of plants visited by bumble bees has declined. Grassland plant cover has varied, as the number of plants for Rusty Patched bumble bees has increased while plant cover visited by all bumble bees has declined. Wetland plant cover has decreased. To view all survey results, visit  


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Location Taken: US


These graphs were developed by paper authors, John Michael Mola, Leif L Richardson, Greg Spyreas, David N. Zaya, and Ian Pearse.