Grazed lands and Ground Cover in the Southwestern U.S.

collection of figures characterizing grazed verses ungrazed lands in the southwest

Detailed Description

A) Map depicting location of the study area within the four-corner’s region of the southwestern US (black star), Colorado Plateau (shaded region), and distribution of the saline Mancos Shale deposits (blue); B) soil cover examples with low groundcover in grazed area; C) high groundcover due to high biological soil crust cover in ungrazed watersheds; D) county-level cattle and sheep totals from the study area; E) comparisons of ground cover in 1953 (before grazing exclosures erected), 1963, 1972, and 2004 (error bars represent standard error of the means; watersheds as the experimental units, n = 4 per treatment). (Adapted from Duniway et al., 2018).


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