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Ground Data GFSAD30

Detailed Description

Available field data points from various sources. The IWMI, Gumma, and Thenkabail collections are collected by this team or the former teams as in publications Thenkabail et al. (2009, 2011). These have detailed ground data at every point with coordinates, photos, and land cover types. The Geo_wiki_validation, Geo_wiki_competetion, and USAID_Project collections are sourced from various people from around the world as part of the Geo-Wiki Project ( which aims to improve the quality of global land cover maps. The project is currently adding more data through field visits during the period of the project as well as data sourced from various sources. (Credits for organizing the data: Mutlu Ozdogan and Matthew Bougie).

Disclaimer: This data, compiled from various sources, is not for distribution at this stage. When we decide to disseminate this, that will be done through this website.


Courtesy: Dr. Prasad Thenkabail