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Groundwater Sampling for the Mojave Shallow Aquifer Study | Groundwater Ambient Monitoring & Assessment (GAMA)

Detailed Description

The Mojave Shallow Groundwater Study focused on two areas — the floodplain aquifer and the regional aquifer surrounding it. Both areas are tapped by private domestic wells with depths ranging from about 90—600 feet deep. A total of 59 domestic and monitoring wells were sampled from January through May 2018 with well depths ranging from about 50-250 feet deep. Results of this study can be viewed here and here.

In 2008, GAMA-PBP sampled the deep aquifer zone (about 200-1,000 feet deep) in the Mojave Desert that supplies water to public drinking water districts. Results of this study can be viewed here. Additional water quality results for selected water-quality constituents sampled during 2000-2012 as part of the USGS Mojave Regional Groundwater Study can be found on the Mojave Regional Groundwater Studies Data Map.


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