HVO logs renewed seismic activity at Lō‘ihi

HVO logs renewed seismic activity at Lō‘ihi...

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Left: A color-shaded bathymetry map of Lō‘ihi, a submarine volcano located southeast of the Island of Hawai‘i. The summit region is marked by pit craters formed in connection with an eruption and earthquake swarm in July-August 1996. Right: Earthquakes in the vicinity of Lō'ihi (same area as bathymetry map) located by the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory during a 30-day period ending June 22, 2017. Locations of the earthquakes are shown with dots; size indicates magnitude and color indicates time (blue represents earthquakes within two days of June 22, yellow within two weeks, and white within four weeks). For example, the blue dot east of Lō'ihi was a magnitude-2.3 earthquake that occurred on June 22.


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