Impact of Hurricane Lane on Wailuku River

Before and after views of a water fall.  First shows light flow of water over the falls, the second shows heavy flow.

Detailed Description

Two views from the Rainbow Falls overlook, downstream of the Wailuku River streamgage near Hilo, Hawaii. The image on the left shows a typical base flow of about 35 cubic feet per second (cfs). The image on the right shows the early impact of Hurricane Lane with a flow of about 26,000 cfs taken at 8:35 a.m. HST, August 23, 2018. This U.S. Geological Survey streamgage has been in operation since 1929 with the highest recorded peak flow of 80,000 cfs in the early 1940s. Flows caused by Hurricane Lane later on August 23 potentially exceeded that record with a provisional flow 82,300 cfs.


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