Jeff Davis and Wheeler Peak

Jeff Davis and Wheeler Peak

Detailed Description

This view shows a glacially-carved serrated ridge between Jeff Davis Peak (left) and Wheeler Peak (right). Aspen trees with spring foliage grow along Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive in the foreground. The forest consists of mostly of Engelmann spruce, Douglas-fir, limber pine and aspen. Great Basin National Monument encompasses biotic communities including: 
-alpine tundra: above about 10,000 feet
-coniferous forest: mid- to high elevations, northern exposures-Engelmann spruce, bristlecone pine, limber pine 
-mixed aspen/conifer forest: mid elevation transition zone 
-deciduous forest and scrub: rivers and stream banks, aspen forest 
-mountain scrub
-pinyon-juniper forest
-northern desert scrub/shrub: valleys and low mountain slopes 
-salt desert scrub/shrub: on salt flats, low valleys 
-bare ground/rock: steep slopes generally above 7000 feet in elevation

National Parks Conservation Association, 2009).


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