Kamokuna lava delta subsidence continues

Kamokuna lava delta subsidence continues...

Detailed Description

The episode 61g lava delta at the Kamokuna ocean entry is unstable with many cracks parallel to the coast. Comparing time-lapse images from July 22 (left) and July 31 (right), the large crack in the center of the delta continues to widen. There are many smaller cracks on the delta as well, including a newly formed crack near the base of the cliff (not visible in the images). Other changes over the past ten days include a small slice of delta breaking off near the front on July 28, and multiple surface flows around the front edges of the delta. During HVO's visit to the coast today (July 31), two lava entry points were producing a robust steam plume. With strong westerly winds, the plume was blowing onshore, covering sections of the emergency route and rope line on the National Park side and creating unpleasant walking conditions in some areas.


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