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Kīlauea Summit Overflight - May 10, 2022

Detailed Description

A view of the lava lake within Halema‘uma‘u at the summit of Kīlauea taken from the south, looking north. An orange glow can be seen in the active part of the lava lake. The dark gray area at the bottom of the photo is a lava flow from September 1982. The dark tan exposure to the north of the 1982 flow is the Keanakāko‘i Ash (ca. 1500–1820 CE). Part of the old Crater Rim Drive can be seen on the northern part of the Keanakāko‘i exposure. Man-made lines and mounds can also be seen on the Keanakāko‘i Ash; these were made by bulldozers prior to WWII to prevent hostile planes from landing. USGS photo taken during a helicopter overflight on May 10, 2022, by J.M. Chang.


Public Domain.