Land Cover Trends

Image of Land Cover Trends map for conterminous U.S.

Detailed Description

A screenshot of the United States Geological Survey (USGS) Land Cover Trends field photography collection, which is a national-scale, ground-reference dataset which initially served as a research tool to aid in Landsat-derived land-use/land-cover (LULC) change analyses and assessments. Click here for the viewer.

Between 1999 and 2009, Land Cover Trends scientists collected over 33,000 geographically referenced field photos with associated keywords capturing existing LULC and regional change process taking place. The field photography collection represents the most comprehensive national database of geo-referenced USGS field photography in the United States. In a project funded by the USGS Climate and Land Use Change and Core Science Systems Mission Areas, 29,286 photos distributed across 84 Level III Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ecoregions are currently being disseminated to the public.

Integrating Land Cover Trends field photography and online mapping technology provides access to new and archived USGS geographic data needed to conduct science and support policy decisions. Sharing this unique field photography provides an excellent resource for the scientific community with potential to develop future research, such as future repeat photography projects or applications where photos may serve as training or test site data for other remote sensing classifications. Serving USGS data interactively to the public is integral to the USGS mission and provides opportunities for future scientific collaboration by communicating USGS land change research to the broader public and scientific community.


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