Location of NAHS Sample Sites

map of sample site locations

Detailed Description

Figure 1: Map displaying synthesis site locations and proxy types.  Blue circles are oxygen (δ18O) and carbon (δ13C) stable isotope data, yellow stars are lake sediment chemistry data (% carbonate, Mg/Ca, gypsum abundance, loss-on-ignition-based bulk geochemistry), purple triangles are lake elevation (tracking shoreline migrations in sediment cores, dating of highstand and lowstand benchmarks), light green trapezoids are peat indicator data (plant macrofossils, n-alkanes), dark green X’s are pollen-based vegetation data, gray squares are productivity indicators (diatom assemblages, moss production), red diamonds are terrigenous input indicators (grain size, % sand, Ti, Al2O3, mineral mass accumulation rate), and orange crosses are testate amoebae-inferred water depth. (Figure 2 in Rodysill et al., 2018)


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