Massachusetts Quaternary geology, 1991

Map of a coastal area that shows glacial deposits and features using colors, abbreviations, and lines.

Detailed Description

Quaternary geologic map of the Boston 4 degrees x 6 degrees quadrangle, United States and Canada
Authors: Hartshorn, J.H., Thompson, W.B., Chapman, W.F., Black, R.F., Richmond, G.M., Grant, D.R., and Fullerton, D.S.
Publishing Organization: U.S. Geological Survey
Published: 1991
Series and Number: Miscellaneous Investigations Series Map I-1420 (NK-19)
Also available from the National Geologic Map Database


Image Dimensions: 1277 x 873

Date Taken:

Location Taken: MA, US


Miscellaneous Investigations Series Map I-1420 (NK-19)
Quaternary Geologic Map of the Boston 4° x 6° Quadrangle, United States and Canada. This map is part of the Quaternary Geologic Atlas of the United States (I-1420). It was first published as a printed edition in 1991. The geologic data have been captured digitally and are presented along with images of the printed map sheet and component parts as PDF files.