Mercury (THg) concentrations for raccoon and skunk by year

Mercury levels in raccoons and skunks track with wetted habitat, with higher levels of both in 2017 than in 2016 or 2018

Detailed Description

Annual mean hair total mercury (THg) concentrations for raccoon and skunk from Grizzly Island (Suisun Marsh, California) were highest in hair grown in 2017. Annual mean hair THg concentrations were correlated with the area (km2) covered by seasonal wetlands and canals (wetted habitat) on Grizzly Island (shown using gray bars) during the spring prior to hair growth (during mid-summer and fall) for raccoons and skunks (p = 0.02). Mean hair THg concentrations are back-transformed, model-estimated least squares means with standard error.


Peterson, S. H., Ackerman, J. T., Hartman, C. A., Casazza, M. L., Feldheim, C. L., & Herzog, M. P. (2021). Mercury exposure in mammalian mesopredators inhabiting a brackish marsh. Environmental Pollution, 273, 115808.


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Location Taken: US