Monitoring Bank Erosion at Lower Brule, SD

Image: Monitoring Bank Erosion at Lower Brule, SD

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The Lower Brule Environmental Protection Office and the USGS conducted unmanned aerial system (UAS) flights at Lower Brule, SD on August 21-23, 2012 and included a 1-day field demonstration for Tribes, Federal, State, and local agencies and others at Lower Brule, SD. Shown are (from left) Jeff Sloan (GEOG/USGS) and Vicki Prautzsch (SDWSC/USGS) live-streaming with the Lower Brule High School Science Class, Mark Bauer (GEOH/USGS/CONT) record-keeping, Todd Preston (BRD/USGS) mission contoller, and Chris Holmquist-Johnson (BRD/USGS) piloting the unmanned aerial vehicle. This objective of this study is to monitor changes in the Missouri River shoreline.


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Location Taken: Lower Brule, SD, US