Natural Bridges - Sipapu Bridge

This is a photo of Sipapu Bridge.

Detailed Description

This is a higher view of Sipapu Bridge from an overlook above the ruin in the previous image. Sipapu Bridge's span is 264 feet (82 m) wide and 220 feet (64 m) high, and is the largest of the three bridges in the park (Huntoon and others, 2000). This view also shows the massive sequence of white sedimentary rock of the Cedar Mesa Sandstone. The dark ridge in the distance consists of Permian, Triassic, and lower Jurassic rock formations that overlie the Cedar Mesa Sandstone. Immediately above the Cedar Mesa Sandstone is the Organ Rock Formation . It is characterized by dark red to brown silty shale and sandstone of Early Permian age. These beds are overlain by the mostly red sandstone and shale of the Triassic Moenkopi and Chinle formations and Lower Jurassic Wingate Sandstone. These rock formations are the source of the red sediments that occur in the soil and along the stream beds throughout the park (Huntoon and others, 2000).


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