Newberry National Volcanic Monument with the youngest lava flows

Map of Newberry National Volcanic Monument with the youngest lava f...

Detailed Description

This map highlights the Newberry National Volcanic Monument and the youngest lava flows on Newberry Volcano which all erupted since about 7,700 years ago. Stars show volcanic vents that produced these young cones and lava flows. The Northwest Rift Zone extends from the caldera to Lava Butte. This fissure system erupted about 7,000 years ago and produced many lava flows and cones over a distance of about 20 miles. Lava Lands Visitor Center is located at the base of Lava Butte; a road leading to this cinder cone’s summit is open seasonally. Big Obsidian Flow, located within Newberry Caldera, erupted about 1,300 years ago and is the youngest of all the lavas on Newberry Volcano. A trail up onto the obsidian flow is a popular visitor destination, as is the trail at Lava Cast Forest, where lava molds of trees can be seen. Another popular destination is Lava River Cave, an underground lava tube nearly a mile long in an older lava flow.


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Location Taken: US


Donnelly-Nolan et al., 2011