NHD Newsletter Vol 20 5/6, Fig 2: Ex downloads for NHDPlus v2 HU6

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Detailed Description

Figure 2: Example of the downloads for NHDPlus v2 for hydrologic region 6

The NHDPlus V2 is delivered in multiple compressed files containing raster or vector data for each vector processing unit (VPU). The VPU’s for NHDPlus for the most part represent a 2-digit hydrologic unit. Filenames for NHDPlus V2 begin with “NHDPlusV21_” (for Version 2.1, the current minor sub-version of what is called NHDPlus Version 2 generally.)

From Center News - Understanding the main content differences between the NHD, NHDPlus HR and NHDPlus V2


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