NHD Newsletter Vol 20, Issue 5/6 Fig 3 Pawcatuck River HU8

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Detailed Description

Figure 3. Overview of the updated hydrologic unit codes and names for the new Pawcatuck River HU8 unit (01100007: Pawcatuck River) and Block Island, Atlantic coastal area HU8 unit (01090006: Point Judith-Block Island)

Through collaboration and coordination efforts with USGS Hydrography Leads, WBD National Technical Coordinators, WBD State Stewards, State and Local partners it was decided that WBD HU4 0109 and WBD HU4 0110 would be updated so HU4 0109 would represent areas flowing into the Atlantic Ocean and 0110 would represent areas flowing into Long Island sound. In order to accomplish this HU8 01090005 would be retired and the Wood River and Pawcatuck River HU10 units would be moved into a new HU8 unit 01100007 and the remaining portion of 01090005 would be grouped into a new frontal HU8 unit 01090006 (Figure 3).

From article - WBD HU4 0109 Massachusetts-Rhode Island Coastal Updates


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