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Northeast flank, Mauna Kea, Hawai‘i. Prominent cone, middle center ...

Detailed Description

Pu‘u Kanakaleonui is one of the younger cones of the Laupahoehoe Volcanics and is less than 13,000 years in age. The dark-colored deposit partly surrounding and mantling Pu‘u Kanakaleonui consists of tephra and ejecta blocks of lava mostly 10 to 50 cm in diameter but as large as 3 m long. Some of the ejecta are from underlying lava flows that were erupted more than 65,000 years ago from the Hamakua Volcanics. The light-colored surface below the cone consists of lava flows that are not mantled by the explosive tephra and blocks. Mauna Loa visible in upper left.


Public Domain.