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Paraguayan Horse Tack and Ranch Hand

Detailed Description

Paraguayan cowboys often make their own rawhide tack. The cowboy in this picture is braiding rawhide tied to a tree. The cowboys' quarters can be seen in the background. The typical ranch horse in Paraguay is the "criollo". Paraguayan cowboys use a version of the typical saddle from southern South America. The core of the saddle consists of two leather rolls that are filled with a sedge (Piri, Cyperus giganteus) for cushioning, these are laid along the horse's spine and sandwiched between several layers of wool and cotton blankets, cow leather pieces, and a thick sheepskin. For luxurious comfort, this may be topped by a soft piece of capivara leather. This "sandwich" is attached to the horse using two leather or rope cinches. The result is a wide but comfortable seat for the rider and a saddle that fits any horse. Near 26°34’52’’S, 56°49’18’’W.


Public Domain.