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Photomicrographs from a California newt found moribund in California

September 2021 (approx.)

Detailed Description

Photomicrographs from a California newt (Taricha torosa) found moribund in California, USA. (A) Necrosis of the tail tip with exposed vertebral bone (B), hyperplastic epithelial regrowth at the edges (arrowhead), moderate mixed leukocytes and dilated lymphatics (*), and a few osteoclasts remodeling the exposed bone (arrows). H&E stain 4X. (B) Cross section of Rhabditida lung worm in the lumen of the lung with vacuolated lateral chords (c), an intestine containing yellow to black pigment (i), and a uterus with developing larvae (L). H&E 20X. (C) Inner ear with edema and predominately mononuclear inflammatory cells in the stroma of the labyrinths (*). H&E 4X.


Public Domain.