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Photomicrographs of lung from a mallard duck

Detailed Description

Photomicrographs from a mallard duck (Anas platyrhynchos) found dead in Idaho, USA.  (A) Multiple granulomas (*) with eosinophilic necrotic centers efface the lung. H&E stain.  (B) Granulomas contain many degenerate heterophils and a few multinucleated giant cells (arrows). H&E stain.  (C) Granulomas (*) in the lung contain numerous fungal hyphae. Inset: Fungal hyphae have 3-8 µm-wide, thin parallel walls with regular septations and acute angle branching. GMS stain.  (D) Multiple granulomas (*) similar to those in the lung efface the wall of the intestine. H&E stain.


Public Domain.