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Python Hyperspectral Analysis Tool (PyHAT) Mineral Parameter Map Example - Jezero Crater, Mars

Detailed Description

This figure shows an example mineral parameter map image generated using PyHAT. The area in this Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars (CRISM) image is Jezero crater, the landing site of NASA's Mars Perseverance rover. The image ID is FRT00005C5E_07_IF166J_MTR3

This image was generated by assigning different mineral parameter indices to the red, green and blue channels, allowing the strength of the spectral signatures of three minerals to be visualized at once. The red channel in the image indicates the presence of the mineral Olivine, using the OLINDEX3 parameter; the green channel indicates the presence of high-calcium pyroxenes, using the HCPINDEX2 parameter; the blue channel indicates the presence of low-calcium pyroxenes, using the LCPINDEX2 parameter. For more information about the CRISM spectral parameters, refer to:

This figure is one of a series of figures used to demonstrate some of the capabilities of the PyHAT software.



Public Domain.

NASA/JPL/JHUAPL/Brown University