Ryan Bradley Anderson


Ryan Anderson is a planetary scientist and developer at the USGS Astrogeology Science Center. Ryan attended the University of Michigan, where he double majored in Physics and Astronomy, and Cornell University where received his PhD in Planetary Science. He conducted a detailed study of Gale crater, the landing site for the Mars Science Laboratory Rover (MSL), and is a member of the ChemCam instrument science team. Ryan is also a member of the science team on the SuperCam instrument on the upcoming Mars 2020 rover.  In addition to his research and mission operations, Ryan is passionate about communicating science to the public, and serves as Communication Lead for the Astrogeology Science Center. He enjoys teaching and public speaking and for several years ran a planetary science-themed blog called The Martian Chronicles, which was one of the founding blogs of the American Geophysical Union blogosphere. That blog has now evolved into a group blog sharing updates on what the MSL rover is currently doing, and is hosted by JPL.