Regional Model Domains for North America

maps of topography, vegetation, and burn area in North America

Detailed Description

Figure 1. The regional model domains. Left column: North America 50 km grid; right column: 15 km grids, clockwise from upper left: Pacific Northwest, Northern Rocky Mountains, Southern Rocky Mountains, and Pacific Southwest. Top row: model elevation; middle row: prescribed vegetation; bottom row: all fires > 1 ha in burn area set by lightning (left) and human and unknown causes (right) for the period 1986-2013. Vegetation types based on USGS Global Land Cover Characterization data set (Loveland et al., 1999 and are similar in resolution to the Level II Ecoregions). (From Figure 1 in Hostetler et al., 2018)


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(Hostetler et al., 2018)