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Repeat photograph of a boat on a beach along the Colorado River in Grand Canyon, 2002

Detailed Description

This repeat photograph was taken in 2002 by USGS along the Colorado River and is a match of a historic image by E.C. LaRue from the 1923 Birdseye Expedition through Grand Canyon. The Birdseye Expedition surveyed a 251-mile stretch of the Colorado River from Lees Ferry to Diamond Creek. The two major goals of the expedition were to locate potential dam sites and create a series of maps and profiles of the area. Emory LaRue was an engineer for the USGS until 1927 and was the Birdseye Expedition hydrologist and photographer. This image is taken at River Mile 74.4 looking upstream on river right at the lower end of Rattlesnake Camp. This image is the third in a series of repeat images at this location taken in 1923, 1991 and 2002, in the SBSC's Southwest Repeat Photography Collection, stake (camera point) s0013.


Public Domain.