Reston stable isotope lab (RSIL): reference caps

Reston stable isotope lab RSIL Reference Caps

Detailed Description

Photo of silver capsules containing reference water used for the calibration of stable hydrogen and oxygen measurements. This reference material is intended for calibration of stable hydrogen (δ2H) and oxygen (δ18O) measurements of unknown water or hydrogen- or oxygen-bearing substances with a TC/EA (thermal conversion/elemental analyzer) and an isotope-ratio mass spectrometer by quantifying drift with time and isotope-ratio-scale contraction. These capsults contain 0.15 or 0.25 µL of VSMOW2 (Vienna Standard Mean Ocean Water 2) or SLAP2 (Standard Light Antarctic Precipitation 2) reference water sealed in a silver tube.


Image Dimensions: 1440 x 960

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Location Taken: US