Rhyolite lava flows of Madison Plateau, YNP.

Rhyolite lava flows of Madison Plateau, Yellowstone National Park....

Detailed Description

Aerial view of three large rhyolite lava flows erupted during the later part of Yellowstone's third volcanic cycle. This view is looking NNE from above Belcher Creek; the Abasorka Range is in the far distance. Three rhyolite lavas form the southern part of the Madison Plateau. Buffalo Lake flow erupted about 160,000 years ago; Bechler River flow erupted 117,000 years ago; and Summit Lake flow erupted about 112,000 years ago. A portion of the younger Pitchstone Plateau flow is visible in center right; it is Yellowstone's youngest ryholite flow at 70,000 years. The distal ends of these flows (marked by the abrupt steep edges) are at least 150 m thick.


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