Sampling Lafferty Gulch Surface Water at Mount Rushmore

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Lafferty Gulch surface water at Mount Rushmore National Memorial was sampled
and analyzed for perchlorate and metals on July 10, 2012. An environmental concern to water resources
within Mount Rushmore National Memorial has been the annual aerial fireworks display at the
memorial for the Independence Day holiday during 1998–2009. A major concern of park management is
the contamination of groundwater and surface water by perchlorate, which is used as an oxidizing agent
in firework displays. A study by the U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the National Park Service,
was completed to characterize the occurrence of perchlorate and selected metals (constituents
commonly associated with fireworks) in groundwater and surface water within and adjacent to Mount
Rushmore National Memorial during 2011–15 (


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