Schematic showing collapse processes of Yellowstone Caldera

Schematic showing collapse processes of Yellowstone Caldera

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Schematic displaying the general processes associated with collapse of Yellowstone Caldera.  (A) Pre-caldera volcanism includes the eruption of dome complexes from the underlying magma chambers.  (B) The caldera-forming eruption evacuates a significant amount of magma from the chamber, causing the overlying crustal block to subside into the void space.  (C) Post-caldera phase displaying the region immediately after the caldera-forming eruption, with the definition of the topographic rim of the caldera and the highly faulted subsided crustal block.  (D) Post-caldera volcanism initiates with the intrusion of magma into the caldera ring faults and faults within the subsided crustal block, producing eruptions of lava flows and dome complexes.


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Figure developed by Morgan Nasholds, Yellowstone National Park.