Seafloor with features, off US east coast

Illustration shows features of the seafloor with lines, dots, shading, and labels to show various geologic features.

Detailed Description

Figure 1 from Preface to “Tsunami Hazard along the U.S. Atlantic Coast.”
Seafloor (dark gray) off the U.S. East Coast, showing areas of past landslides (blue).
NC—Norfolk Canyon
WC—Wilmington Canyon
HC—Hudson Canyon
VC—Veatch Canyon.
Inset shows study area location.
NES—New England Seamounts
BS—Blake Spur
BE—Blake Escarpment

Image credit: David Twichell, USGS.


Image Dimensions: 1428 x 1050

Location Taken: US


Tsunami hazard along the U.S. Atlantic coast
Marine Geology journal special issue, Edited by Uri S. ten Brink Volume 264, Issues 1–2, Pages 1-122 (1 August 2009)