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Seafloor photographs

Detailed Description

Four (of more than two thousand) seafloor photographs taken by the SEABOSS during the August 2012 survey aboard the OSV Bold. Area shown in each photograph is approximately 50 to 70 centimeters (20 to 30 inches) across. Some of the organisms visible in these images are: A, clam shells, B, sand dollars (Echinarachnius parma), C, Atlantic rock crab (Cancer irroratus) and clam shells, and D, organisms attached to angular cobbles: pink crustose ("bubblegum") algae, barnacles, and chitons (Tonicella sp. [one small chiton is below center of photograph]). Identification of these organisms (and many more too small to see at publication scale) courtesy of Adrienne Pappal, Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management.


Public Domain.