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SEM Photomicrograph of Elk Creek Carbonatite

Detailed Description

SEM backscattered electron image of REE fluorocarbonates in barite beforsite unit of Elk Creek carbonatite. From Verplanck and others, 2015, BCGS Paper 2015-3.


Public Domain.

Verplanck and others, 2015, BCGS Paper 2015-3.
Verplanck, P.L., Farmer, G.L., and Mariano, A.N., 2015, Nd and Sr isotopic composition of rare earth element mineralized carbonatites, in: Simandl, G.J. and Neetz, M., (Eds.), Symposium on Strategic and Critical Materials Proceedings, November 13-14, 2015, Victoria, British Columbia, British Columbia Ministry of Energy and Mines, British Columbia Geological Survey Paper 2015-3, pp. 65-68.