South Rim Tour - view from Grand Canyon Village toward Maricopa Point

This is a photo of a view looking west from the Grand Canyon Village area toward Maricopa Point.

Detailed Description

This view is looking west from the Grand Canyon Village area along the South Rim toward Maricopa Point. This view highlights the upper part of the Paleozoic sequence exposed along the South Rim. The Kaibab Limestone forms the rim of the canyon. The Toroweap Formation forms a cliffy slope between the cliffs of the Kaibab Limestone and the underlying white, massive cliffs of the Coconino Sandstone. The Coconino Sandstone overlies the sparsely forested slope of the Hermit Shale and red sandstone (cliffs) and shale (slopes) of the Supai Group. The massive, white cliffs of the Coconino Sandstone stand out as a white stripe along the North Rim of the canyon in the distance. See also Billingsley, 2000; and Timmons and others, 2009.


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Location Taken: US