Stutsman County, North Dakota wetlands

Stutsman County, North Dakota wetlands - Landsat and aerial images

Detailed Description

Landsat data and National Agriculture Imagery Program aerial photography of the same area in Stutsman County, North Dakota, illustrate the dynamic nature of prairie pothole wetlands in both (a) dry and (b and c) wet conditions. The satellite data were acquired on September 2, 1992, with Landsat 5 (a; bands 5, 4, and 3) and May 23, 2013, with Landsat 8 (b; bands 6, 5, and 4; U.S. Geological Survey; data available at http://earthexplorer. Accessed October 16, 2012). The (c) NAIP data were collected near the peak of the growing season on July 31, 2012. (USDA-FSA Aerial Photography Field Office 2012; Data available at mapsdata/download/. Accessed January 28, 2014.) 


Image Dimensions: 850 x 634

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Location Taken: US