Supercomputers Map Out Super Endangered Species In 3-D

Image: Supercomputers Map Out Super Endangered Species — In 3-D

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Figure 5. MKDEs may help better identify threats to species. 

In 2007, a subadult female condor made an exploratory movement through a proposed wind energy development (A). The proposed wind turbine locations are shown in yellow, and the 99% contour for the condor is shown in red. When approximating the condor's move path by linearly interpolating between observed locations (red lines, A & B), the path passes through the proposed locations of the wind turbines (B). The 3D models of 120 wind turbines are shown (B) in their proposed locations and size. 

This figure can be found in: Tracey, J.A., Sheppard, J., Zhu, J., Wei, F., Swaisgood, R.R. and Fisher, R.N., 2014. Movement-based estimation and visualization of space use in 3D for wildlife ecology and conservation. PLoS One9(7), p.e101205.


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