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Suspended-sediment concentrations

Detailed Description

Contour plots of SSC for the spatial surveys during trade-wind conditions on the reef flat. (a) SSC from the low tide survey. The highest SSC (60e70 mg/l) were located in a nearshore band, and east of the fish ponds and Kaunakakai wharf. (b) SSC from the high tide surveys. SSC in excess of 80 mg/l are seen in a nearshore band and east of the fish ponds and wharf. The SSC rapidly decreases with distance offshore from 130 mg/l to <5 mg/l, exhibiting the constraint of SSC to the inner-reef flat.


Public Domain.

Temporal and spatial variability in the flow and dispersal of suspended-sediment on a fringing reef flat, Molokai, Hawaii
Published article in Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, v. 67, 2006, by M.K. Presto, A.S. Ogston, C.D. Storlazzi, and M.E. Field