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Svastra petulca, right

Detailed Description

A lovely Deep South Svastra, S. petulca to be specific. A nice pollen shot. You can see the huge bushy pollen carrying hairs on its hind legs, designed to carry dry pollen unlike Honey Bees and Bumble Bees which mix their pollen with nectar. I am guessing it is some sort of composite given it is blow out orange and that Svastras are known to favor that family of plants. Collected by Mimi Jenkins near Charleston, SC and Anders Croft's first bee photographs (Excellent work Anders, remind me to double your pay). Photography Information: Canon Mark II 5D, Zerene Stacker, Stackshot Sled, 65mm Canon MP-E 1-5X macro lens, Twin Macro Flash in Styrofoam Cooler, F5.0, ISO 100, Shutter Speed 200. USGSBIML Photoshopping Technique: Note that we now have added using the burn tool at 50% opacity set to shadows to clean up the halos that bleed into the black background from "hot" color sections of the picture.


Public Domain.