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Thermal Infrared Drone Images Near Farmington River, Connecticut

December 2021 (approx.)

Detailed Description

a) A thermal infrared orthomoasic image generated from drone-based data collected over a wetland in the Farmington River headwaters, Connecticut. The data indicate multi-scale preferential groundwater discharge processes.

b) A drone-based thermal infrared orthomosaic image from a section of mainstem Farmington River that captured a midstream stormwater discharge and groundwater-rich tributary inflow. In both orthomosaics, reds and yellows are used to indicate relatively warmer surfaces, while blues and greens indicate relatively cooler surfaces.

(The orthomosaics were made by combining many individual georeferenced thermal infrared images into a map with a uniform scale.)

Source: Briggs and others, 2022.


Public Domain.

Source: Figure 2, from Briggs, Martin A., Kevin E. Jackson, Fiona Liu, Eric M. Moore, Alaina Bisson, and Ashley M. Helton, 2022, Exploring Local Riverbank Sediment Controls on the Occurrence of Preferential Groundwater Discharge PointsWater, issue 14, no. 1, 11p.