Thermal map of the Leilani Estates fissures

Thermal map of the Leilani Estates fissures...

Detailed Description

This thermal map clearly shows the fissure system during an overflight of the area this afternoon. The Fissure 8 flow is inactive, but Fissures 11 and 12 opened today. Fissure 12, which started shortly after the map was map, began around noon. The black and white area is the extent of the thermal map. Temperature in the thermal image is displayed as gray-scale values, with the brightest pixels indicating the hottest areas (whitish areas show the active lava flow). The gray linear features are the other fissures (numbered in red color) that have erupted thus far in the sequence. The thermal map was constructed by stitching many overlapping oblique thermal images collected by a handheld thermal camera during a helicopter overflight of the flow field. The base is a copyrighted color satellite image (used with permission) provided by Digital Globe.


Image Dimensions: 3301 x 2551

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