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Tissue from a gull (Larus sp) from Wisconsin

Detailed Description

Tissue from a gull (Larus sp) from Wisconsin. (A) Diffusely the pericardium (star) is greatly expanded by fibrin, edema and necrotic debris (H&E). (B) Lymphoplasmacytic myositis (arrows) creating linear lesions along fascial planes of the pectoral skeletal muscle (H&E). (C) Large colony of basophilic coccobaccili (star) within the pericardium surrounded by lymphocytes, plasma cells and macrophages admixed with fibrin, edema, and necrotic debris (H&E). (D) Superficial myocarditis with gram negative coccobaccili and mixed inflammation (arrow). Inset: gram negative bacteria oil immersion.


Public Domain.