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Tri-Decadal Landsat Single Scene - Oregon_Washington

Detailed Description

Tri-Decadal Global Landsat Orthorectified Single Scenes (left to right) MSS, TM, ETM+, ETM+ Pan-sharpened, and Systematic Correction ETM+ (Level 1G) – Area surrounding Mount Hood in Oregon and Mount Adams and Mount Rainer in Washington.  MSS image acquired July 22, 1975 (Entity ID: EMP049R28_2M19750722).  TM image acquired July 23, 1988 (Entity ID: ETP045R28_5T19880723).  ETM+ image acquired October 2, 1999 (Entity ID: ELP045R028_7T19991002).  ETM+ Pan-sharpened image acquired October 2, 1999 (Entity ID: EPP045R028_7F19991002). Systematic Correction ETM+ (Level 1G) Image acquired October 2, 1999 (Entity ID: L71045028_02819991002)


Public Domain.