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USGS staff collecting vibracore on Ft. DeSoto Beach, Florida

Detailed Description

USGS staff collecting a sediment core on Ft. Desoto Beach, Florida using vibracoring equipment. This type of sediment coring uses the vibration of an electric motor to sink an aluminum core barrel into the ground. When the core barrel enters the ground the sediment in the ground fills up the barrel and the crew uses the tripod to pull the core out of the ground. Back at the office, we use a saw to cut through the barrel and we record (write down/photograph/x-ray) our detailed geologic descriptions of the core from the surface to the bottom of the core (going back in time). When we collect a core, or better yet, several cores from a location or area (like a barrier island) we may see several differing types sediments that can be indicative of specific environments. Additionally, we may find organisms or other organic matter (roots, etc.) that can help us recreate the geologic history of the island.


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