Vegetation Growth at a Once-Flooded Santa Ynez River

under a blue sky, golden grass, white rocks, and amber bushes fill a dried riverbed with rolling hills in the background

Detailed Description

Vegetation grows abundantly on a once-flooded region of the Santa Ynez River. Located 5 ft adjacent from this picture is the actual flowing region of the stream. It is impressive to see the abrupt change in vegetation near stream environments.  Golden grasses, brick red brush, blue sky, and rocks coated white from sun-dried/sun-bleached algae where water used to sustain aquatic plant growth. 

Streamgage #11128500 (Santa Ynez River near Solvang) is one of several gages along the Santa Ynez River.  This specific site records water quality, stage and discharge data. This streamgage is visited weekly due to the high level of importance it has. The Santa Ynez River supplies three reservoirs  that provide water to the City of Santa Barbara, Goleta Water District, Carpinteria Valley Water District, and the Montecito Water District.


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