WAUSP Performance Measure #3: Water withdrawals reporting

Table showing water withdrawal reporting from 2015-2018 and the 2022 goal

Detailed Description

Public supply, Thermoelectric, and Irrigation account for approximately 90% of human water use and are therefore critical inputs to understanding water availability and use nationally. To ensure these water use categories are consistently collected and can be integrated into a national dataset, the USGS has established a grant program to assist State water resource agencies in developing and improving their water use and availability datasets. This program was authorized by the SECURE Water Act and is called the Water Use Data and Research (WUDR) program.  This performance measure tracks progress as the USGS improves national water use estimates through the WUDR program by helping all U.S. states and territories to collect data at a higher standard. This table shows a snapshot of the performance measure history and the 2022 goal aligned with the 2018-2022 DOI Strategic Plan.

*The 2022 Goal assumed level funding from FY 2017 through FY 2022.


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