Western fissure area in Halema‘uma‘u, Kīlauea summit (3/11/2021)

Color photograph of lava lake and vent

Detailed Description

View looking to the northwest of western fissure area of Halema‘uma‘u lava lake at the Kīlauea summit on March 11, 2021. There is a small incandescent opening at the top of the main (southern) west vent spatter cone (middle-left), and a few smaller incandescent openings at the top of the northern west vent spatter cone (right of the main cone). The northern west vent spatter cone was the source of a lava flow this past weekend. There are now two effusion (eruption) points at the base of the spatter cones, one at the base of each spatter cone. The northern effusion point is the weaker of the two. USGS photo by N. Deligne.


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