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Western Municipal Water District was formed in 1954, and today provides reliable water and wastewater services to retail customers and wholesale agencies from Corona to Temecula. As a member agency of Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, the state’s largest water supplier, Western receives most of its water from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay-Delta and from the Colorado River. Most of the Delta water Western receives originates as snowpack in the Sierra Nevadas and travels 444 miles southerly to its final destination in Southern California homes and businesses. Slicing its way through a 200-plus mile journey, Colorado River water travels westward in the aqueduct built by Metropolitan in the 1930s. 

The District has a groundwater supply in its Murrieta Division, which is combined with imported water for the region’s residents. Western also has rights to groundwater in the Bunker Hill Basin, which is transported into our Riverside Division through an agreement with the city of Riverside. 


Western - San Bernardino Watermaster 
The Western-San Bernardino watermaster addresses water production and distribution within the San Bernardino Basin area, and the Colton and Riverside basins. 

Santa Ana River Watermaster
The Santa Ana River watermaster addresses the quantity and quality of the flow of the Santa Ana River at the Riverside Narrows and Prado Dam. 

Santa Margarita River Watermaster
The Santa Margarita River watermaster administers and enforces provisions regarding rights to surface water and groundwater throughout the Santa Margarita River watershed.



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